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Useful Websites
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Monday, November 30, 2009
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Useful Websites

Kids love using the computer to practice important skills!  They think they are playing.....and we know they are really learning!  The links below will take you to fun, interactive websites. - Select addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division and the number of problems to solve.  A time option is also given!  After doing the problems, a result summary is given that can be printed! - Fun Math Games for kids!  Select the games by skill. - Website that allows you to pick the activity based on readiness levels. - Many different subjects and interactive games for kids.  Activities can be adjusted by grade level. - Many fun games with numbers and words! - a web site to practice addends to a given sum! - You select the subject and standard!  Games and activities that focus on particular grade level and standards are listed. - You can enter individualized spelling lists and this web site will automatically create games and activities your child can use as they practice. -Practice math facts and print results!  Increase you math fact fluency here! - Practice punctuation - and adjust the level! - Select the math skill you want to work with and adjust the level of difficulty! - You select the skill!  Many of these games can have the level of difficulty adjusted.

Education Galaxy - Personalized learning for your student. You will need the username and password from your child's teacher. - Improve your child's typing skills with this fun format. 

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